ACTA Eco Modular System



nVent delivers the first Schroff ServCite Rack for telecommunication applications. Based on the principles of the highly efficient open compute platform (OCP), the rack has been developed to address the demands of telecommunication applications. The rack supports a robust system management architecture and is designed to meet the enhanced requirement of the Telecommunication Standard Institute (ETSI) and Network Equipment Building System (NEBS). The rack comprises a rack with shelves, ToR (Top of Rack) switches, a power shelf, and sleds for computing or storage applications.

Advantages and Benefits:
  • Modular approach of Storage and Compute sleds guarantees high grade of flexibility
  • Optimal storage and processing capabilities with up to 136 Xeon processors
  • Effective use of available space through the use of fully integrated Sleds, which provide the fiber optics mating connectors for the sleds, and the connection to the 12VDC bus bars.
  • Advanced thermal performance due to a straight air flow from front to back, over the electronic components and heat sinks and an optional RDC (Rear Door Cooler)
  • Virtualization combined with Standard Server Mainboards inside the sleds reduce redundancy overhead significantly

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nVent has developed a modular standard COM (Computer On Module) carrier for type 6 COM express modules. COM Express modules, standardized by PICMG, support the latest signals such as HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0 and PCI Express. nVent also offers a complete solution based on the standard COM carrier including a COM module, hard drive and more in an Interscale C case with cooling and power supply. Customers can receive a completely integrated solution from a single source and can focus on their own value add such as software.

Modular COM system concept:
  • Interfaces can be adjusted based on requirements
  • Slots for various expansion boards
  • Efficient, low-interference power supply
  • Choice of integration level
  • Enclosure with IP protection up to IP 55 (optionally up to IP 67)
  • Flexible cooling design for forced air cooling or passive cooling applications
  • The height, width and depth of the small case can be adjusted

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ATCA Eco Modular System

The Schroff AdvancedTCA ECO Modular System has an economic design with a reduced feature set, especially regarding hot swap of the shelf FRU's as with the Schroff 300/40 and 450/40 series.
The shelf is developed to be easily adapted to the application power and cooling needs.

  • 14U, 14 Slot Chassis, air flow cooling front to back
  • Cooling capacity of 250 or 450 W per slot, 500 W cooling per slot on request
  • One fan tray below the card cage with 6 or 8 fans
  • 40 G backplane with Dual-Star or Dual-Dual-Star topology
  • Shelf FRU data SEEPROMs directly mounted onto backplane

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100 Gbps Schroff AdvancedTCA backplane

The first 100 Gbps Schroff AdvancedTCA backplane from nVent has been verified according to the design requirements of the PICMG3.1R3.0 specifications for 100 Gbps Ethernet. The high data transmission rates of 100 Gbps presented new challenges for connectors, printed circuit board material and backplane design:

  • Guaranteed 100 Gbps performance through extensive in house verification
  • 2.5x higher data rate than the current 40 Gbps ATCA backplanes / systems with the same form factor
  • Backward compatible to 40 Gbps / 10 Gbps ATCA backplanes
  • Uses specially developed ZD connector and PCB material for high speed 100Gbps requirements

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Schroff Pigeon Point Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

To satisfy the need across a wide range of computer platforms from embedded to scaled out server markets, nVent has developed the Schroff Pigeon Point BMR -AST-BMC solution.

  • Enables a server baseboard developer to quickly and cost-effectively add advanced hardware management features
  • Includes "out-of-band" management access to the baseboard management controller (BMC) of the server even when the main server CPU(s) are not powered.
  • Based on ASPEED Technology's AST2500 integrated remote management processor

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Schroff MicroTCA.4-system with White Rabbit Support and integrated JTAG switch module

nVent has enhanced its 12-slot MicroTCA.4-System for Advanced Physics und Industrial Automation. In order to perform precision, sensitive measurements, physics research facilities place a high demand on the real-time data transfer over Ethernet. White Rabbit is an extension of Ethernet that provides very precise synchronization among distributed nodes. It was invented at CERN and is currently developed by a distributed multi-company, multi-laboratory team as an open source hardware and software project. To support this nVent and its strategic partner N.A.T. (Bonn), has updated following hardware components:

  • MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH) from N.A.T with new White Rabbit clock module
  • JSM module – JTAG Switch Module –used to access the individual FPGAs in the system
  • MicroTCA.4 system with an additional, separate JSM slot on the back side

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