All competencies under a single roof



  • Robust: Backplanes and power supplies protected by special conformal lacquer coating
  • Conforming to the standards: Conformity to railway standards, including EIRENE (European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network) for GSM-R, the first pan-European railway standard
  • From a single source: Short development times and all required competencies under one roof
  • Large selection: Standard range from stock; customising for backplanes, power supply units and systems on request


The performance of the backplane is decisive for the overall performance of the system. Our backplanes are ideal for use in railway systems: the exclusive use of SMD components makes them very resistant to shock and vibration. A further benefit: for decoupling the supply voltage we employ only ceramic capacitors with selected electrical values, thus the power supply system remains stable and low in impedance up to the highest frequencies. That way both the emission and the initiation of power-related faults are reliably prevented.


Power supply units.

Schroff also offers you the best components in the area of power supplies. Our power supply units have a wide-range input of 16 to 154 VDC and cover all voltage ranges for the European railway network. They are also extremely reliable, even through a temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C.

Schock und Vibrationstest für CompactPCI Systeme

Conformal Coating.

Conformal Coating To protect them from humidity, fungal infestation and condensation, we can cover our backplanes and power supply units with a special lacquer - the conformal coating. This special surface protection is added in our purpose-built in-house facility, in a laminar box with a water curtain to ensure dust-free conditions.