Varistar - Novastar

Pentair electronics cabinets couple the performance you wish to see, with the compliance standards you are required to have. To achieve this, we combine various standard components to create a cabinet that satisfies your requirements.

  • A selection of frame variations for static and dynamic requirements
  • More than 100 different dimensions
  • Over 1000 cladding components
  • Integration of mechanical and electrical accessories

4 easy steps to assemble a 19" electronic cabinet:

  • Download the Varistar or Novastar configurator as a ZIP file.
  • Extract the Microsoft Excel file in the file and, after it has been started, accept 'active contents'*.
  • A brief but precise set of instructions can be found in the first folder entitled 'How To Use'.
  • It takes just a few minutes to receive your individually configured electronics cabinet!

The cabinet that you configured is ready to ship within 10* working days, including single quantity orders.


  • Welded steel frame
  • EMC-shielded
  • Seismic versions


  • Screwed aluminum frame
  • Slimline with a width of just 553 mm
  • Both functional and esthetically pleasing


* Lead times may vary by country.


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